noise & traffic

Napier Port engaged acoustic experts, Marshall Day, to investigate the noise impacts of the proposed wharf development, in particular the new location and likely terminal layout. Marshall Day have been working with Napier Port for many years so are well aware Napier Port’s noise environment. See their report here.

Noise is assessed in terms of the New Zealand Port Noise Standard. Construction noise, and our noise mitigation initiatives are also to be included.

The report finds that there will be a minor increase in noise, predominantly as a result of growth. 

“MDA has updated the Port of Napier noise model to represent both current (2016) and future (2026) operations with Wharf 6 (the proposed wharf) and forecast growth. It is considered that the noise model provides an accurate representation of current and future port noise emissions during peak operating periods.

In summary:


Marshall Day also assessed the impact of construction noise from the proposed wharf project. It found the greatest construction noise would be associated with driving in wharf piles. The predicted noise levels will meet with the daytime construction noise limits at the closest residential receivers.

“Noise from other activities associated with the construction works such as excavators, crane operations, truck and vessel movements would be at the lower level, and would be generally similar in level and character to existing port operations.”

Construction noise will be managed by hours of work and best practice construction noise management through a construction noise management plan. 

Noise Contour Map 2016

Noise modelling contours 2016 peak week. 

Noise Contour Map 2026

Noise modelling contour forecast 2026 peak week


Traffic Noise

Napier Port also looked at the impact that the development will have on roading and traffic.

We commissioned international engineering consultancy, MWH (now Stantec), to undertake an independent review of the traffic. See their report here.

The traffic implications of the actual construction process are described, and the implications of the growing volume of freight.

Findings are that increased traffic flows during the construction phase will be well within the capability of the roading and intersections.

Traffic growth as a result of Port growth will be managed on an ongoing basis in association with the Council and NZTA.

VBS Trucking System

 Napier Port has substantially reduced congestion at the Port entrance by introducing a new Vehicle Booking System (VBS).