Surf Breaks 

Napier Port recognises the importance of surf breaks adjacent to the port to local surfers and have specifically addressed the potential impacts of the development on the quality of these breaks. 

Using the best modelling tools available, any potential changes to the size and quality of the surf breaks has been assessed using internationally recognised criteria, specifically the wave qualities that are important to surfers or the “surfability” of the waves. 

The results show that the design will successfully retain the existing character of the surf breaks and that port development and local recreational activities can continue to co-exist. We’ve worked with local surfers to outline how the research has been carried out and to hear their views.

For specific details on our surf break investigation work and outcomes refer to Volume 1: Section 15.3.4, Surfing, of the Assessment of Effects on the Environment, which can be downloaded from the HBRC here. Further details can be found in Appendix D to the AEE, section 6. 

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