the design

Updated Dredging Map Stage 1 29032018

Stage One: Various aspects of Napier Port’s design have been reviewed by international experts, including BECA (wharf structure), Worley Parsons (shipping channel) and ship movements (Shipsmart). The design above shows the dredging that would take place for the swing basin, with the grey scale key indicating dredging depths required to bring the depth to 12.8m. The berth pocket would be dredged to 14.5m in Stage One to minimise interference later on with vessels using the new wharf. To see the full designs go to here.

Updated Dredging Map Stage 2 To 5 29032018.jpg

Stage Two - Five: The map above shows the amount of dredging needed to occur to take the swing basin and shipping channel down to the maximum dredging depth that Napier Port is applying for (14.5m) to accommodate larger ships. The outer reaches of the proposed shipping channel are light grey indicating less dredging is required, while the swing basin and berth pocket are dark grey because more dredging is required. It is proposed that the second phase of the dredging programme will be carried out over two to five stages which could occur over a number of years, as there is demand from larger ships.