More than 600 ships visit Napier Port and 4m tonne of cargo goes across the Port every year and those numbers are set to grow significantly in coming years. 


Hawke’s Bay’s export economy is thriving and strong growth is forecast into the future. Its vital Napier Port future-proofs the region’s ability to ship our products to the world. 

Currently, Napier Port can only moor one large container ship at a time and demand is increasing year on year.

Napier Port handled 256,000 twenty-foot equivalent containers (TEUs) last year (2015), a growth of almost 80 percent over the last 10 years. Log volume over the same period has grown by a staggering 111 percent.

While more than 55 cruise ships visit Hawke’s Bay annually, we are turning away up to six large cruise ships a year. That’s more than $2M in tourism dollars sailing past Hawke’s Bay due simply to a lack of space.

Napier Port is a vital regional asset. We are a significant employer in our own right but we enable many more jobs across the region.

This year we’ve had a record-breaking apple export season and future apples exports are forecast to grow substantially. In the next five years, log exports are also set to soar.

Napier Port is planning now so the right infrastructure can be in place to allow Hawke’s Bay to continue to prosper.

Building an additional wharf will:


Economic impact

An economic effects study is being undertaken by local independent economists, Economic Solutions Ltd, to assess the economic impact of Napier Port operations on the region. The assessment will include the development and what the likely impacts of it will be.

The contribution the Port makes to Hawke’s Bay’s economy is already significant. More than 700 people are employed as a result of the Port operations and another 27,000 are employed throughout the region by related industries.

The construction period alone is estimated to employ an additional 126 people and Napier Port operations and the development will enable more than 8,500 extra jobs throughout Hawke’s Bay’s export economy by 2025.

In dollar terms, Napier Port supports more than $3.4 billion to Hawke’s Bay’s Gross Regional Product or value added (GRP). By 2025, the Port is forecast to be associated with a total regional GRP impact of $4.7 billion, or an estimated 52 percent of total Hawke’s Bay GRP.  


Napier Port handled 256,000 twenty-foot equivalent containers (TEUs) last year, a growth of almost 80 percent over the last 10 years.